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MULTIMEDIA STORY TELLING: Photo documentaries, children's stories...
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But I Still Feel Sick A great story for those little one's who are home sick in bed with the flu. My daughter, Amber, wrote this story about 20 years ago when she was only 7 or 8 yrs old. We think it's destined to be a classic.
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Central Corridor Light Rail Summer 2012 Photographer Vincent King takes us on a photo journey of the Light Rail construction on University Ave. in St. Paul, MN the summer of 2012. Soundtrack: "Sankirtan (Vrndavan)" by Kuuleminen Asiat.
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My 3M Story - CleanTech- 3M challenged its employees to create a 1-2 min video that showed their pride in working at 3M. Of the 80+ homemade videos submitted, this was one of the top 9 finalists. The historic photographs are courtesy of the 3M photo archives.
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Obruni Podcasts: Our first collection of audio podcasts, entitled "Obruni", documents the experiences of an AFS exchange student in Takoradi, Ghana, Africa from August 2000 thru June 2001.