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FAMILY KEEPSAKES & MEMORIES: memorial slide shows, photo books, video birth announcements, graduation DVDs...
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Daniel James "DJ" Perron Birth Announcement
First photos combined with live video at only 15 min old. The background music, "Summertime", was sung by his mother welcoming Daniel into the world as he was laying on her chest his first few minutes of life.
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Graduation Photo Album
Collection of family photos nicely arranged in a keepsake album that can be given as gifts to grandparents and friends. Can also be turned into a DVD.

Family Photo Albums in
DVD Movie format
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Mooroopna High 1980 Photomontage Video
Photomontage video with soundtrack.
Music: "They Came To Australia" is used with permission of the artist, Debbie Robinson, Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved
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Adventure at the Children's Museum - DJ's first birthday 8/12
This Is My Favorite Pumpkin - DJ's 1st Halloween: Make sure you watch to the end for an extra special bonus feature first time giggle.
Celebration of New Lives - Unitarian Universalist Naming Ceremony
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DJ News - This is what happens when an excited, proud first-time grandmother, who is an audio & visual arts creator/enthusiast, happens to be a website owner too.
DJ Sign Languge Video Dictionary
DJ & Daddy Father's Day Video
DJ First Year Photo Album - video version