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The Fascinating Femme Fatale
The DS106 Open On-line Community and Rockylou Productions in collaboration with I am Talky Tina Studios present their radio show production of the Fascinating Femme Fatale for the Noir106 UMW (University Mary Washington) Course Spring 2015 term.
In order of appearance:
Viv Rolfe and David Kernohan: United Kingdom- The Headless Inkspots writing and performing the 3 Fingers of Gin theme music
Christina Hendricks: Vancouver, BC, Canada, Foley department - 3 Fingers of Gin, Shot in the Dark bumper, co-writer & editor & voice talent for Beauvoir on the Beach
Ron Leunissen: Nijmegen, The Netherlands, DS106 Plan commercial and radio show bumpers
Talky Tina: The Internet, Co-writer & voice talent for Beauvoir on the Beach, Voice talent for Daphne de Beauvoir in 3 Fingers of Gin, Writer, director, editor, voice talent for Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets and Cars commercials
Karen Young: Kingston, Ontaria, Canada,
Writer: 3 Fingers of Gin, Lyrics to Claire, Maltese Falcon in Red Wine, Commercials for Spic & Span and Hoover Vacuum,
Co-writer: Femme Fatale on the Couch
Voice Talent: Maltese Falcon in Red Wine, Strike Anywhere Matches, Femme Fatale on the Couch, Hoover commercial, Jim Groom Beer commercial
Foley Work: Maltese Falcon in Red Wine, Hoover, Spic & Span
Rhonda Jessen: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Voice Talent 3T’s Cooking Show: Maltese Falcon in Red Wine
Rochelle Lockridge: St. Paul, MN, United States - Rockylou Radio Host and Program Director, Blonde Ice remix, Voice talent for Nanalou and sound engineer for Claire, Executive producer, lead sound engineer, Judge voice talent for 3 Fingers of Gin, Mariana Funes: United Kingdom - Script writer & sound engineer for Noir on the Couch, Jim Groom Beer, Strike Anywhere Matches, Reporter Rita Skeeter
Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax): Western Massachusetts, United States - Voice talent - Interviewer for Noir on the Couch
Ben Rimes: St. Joseph, Michigan, United States - Voice talent, Jack Walsh in 3 Fingers of Gin, Spic & Span and Hoover Vacuum
John Johnston: Glasgow, Scotland - Voice Talent for Detective Allan Redmond in 3 Fingers of Gin
Nigel Robertson: Hamilton, New Zealand - Voice Talent for the Jury Foreman in 3 Fingers of Gin

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