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How did you do this kind of artistic collaboration in a distributed fashion? Why did you do it?
The 64,000 question, what do you all get out of #ds106? *******************
from: Vivien Rolfe
to: Rochelle Lockridge
date: Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 5:48 AM
subject: Re: #FemFatal Skype Interview Questions
Dear Rochelle,
In response to your questions - difficult ones I might add!! Feel free to use this in any way you wish - figuring it might be for research which is awesome.
I do find working in a distributed group quite confusing and sometimes unnerving. I don't feel I always contribute to the group as I would wish, but somehow, everyone's contribution is valued and seems to work. We are all very flexible and adaptable to incoming art!!
Why? WOW! At the start I think I saw how it could enhance my professional development (an academic, researcher and someone who produces online materials for students). I've learned video editing, photography and so many skills that I wouldn't have been able to touch upon at work. (Most UK uni's don't cater for MACS!). Then later on with DS106 I found some creativity I didn't know was there - video and musical numbers, photography of trees in particular (!!). I think as time has gone on the 'why' has converted into friendship and the feeling of being utterly privileged to link online to such a creative, supportive and inspirational group of people. I learn immensely from the student contributors as well as the old DS106 pro's.
Can't wait to hear the show - work is totally swamping me these days which is bad! Would love to have more space for DS106 :)
Best wishes, Viv

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