LoDown Part 1 – (Episode 17)

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[UPDATE Oct. 7, 2013: This post was originally published on Scottlo’s DS106Zone LoDown blog on June 5, 2013. I am republishing it as a post on my own blog. Easy link to audio file.]

LouDown_RockylouHello… This is Rockylou standing in for Scottlo over at the ds106 open course in digital storytelling. We’re giving him a much needed break from producing the daily episodes of the LoDown. I can’t imagine trying to do this daily for 35 days straight. Making one of these is a lot more work with the behind the scenes preparation and post-production that you can’t appreciate until you’ve made one yourself. And keeping the time of the episode to 15 minutes or less is no easy walk in the park. By the time we finished recording our conversation we had so much material we thought it best to turn it into two shorter episodes instead of one VERY long one. [Link to 2nd episode] But I’ve also been on that “wild ride” that Scottlo and Prof. Groom were on in episode 15 of the LoDown. It’s a lot of fun when you are actually doing the recording.

AmberTiltedFace_PodcastIn this episode my daughter Amber agreed to join me to discuss our back and forth process when creating our own podcasts based on short stories and letters she had written while an AFS exchange student in Ghana, Africa in 2000. With a focus on sound effects, we talk about how we’ve had to deal with generational and different life experiences when deciding on the “right” sounds to be used for a character in a podcast. I’m envisioning sexy gamblers, while she’s intending clownish “antelope man.”

Like I mentioned above, it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to create our kind of podcast. So why do we continue to make the sacrifices? What keeps bringing us back when there’s so much work that has to go into it? For me it’s all about spending time with my daughter, creating together. Although sometimes that creativity can get a little out-of-hand if we’re not careful. “Mom, we want them to say, ‘Please give us more. NOT Please make it stop.’”

As we were preparing for the podcast Scottlo prompted us to have Amber question me about my experience of being in the #ds106 course. What brought me here, and what are my impressions thus far? Great questions for any of us to reflect on. [Reflecting on DS106]

A shout-out to my fellow students whose work I used for the DS106 bumper (zinger?) mashup:

You can listen to all of the Obruni Podcast episodes with the audio player below. Photos and scripts are also available.
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