T-8 GIFaChrome Product Launch – Show us you’re headless

The count down is on.  The remaining DS106 Headless ’13 participants are rallying for the final project – A product launch for the GIFaChrome camera to be held on Friday, December 13, 2013 – Wondering what we’re talking about? What the heck is a GIFaChrome Camera? Check out the Storify below to watch the meme unfold.


Headless Rockylou invites you to have fun!

We are inviting everyone to participate in whatever way they would like and have the time and energy to do.  There are several small tasks that can be completed to make it easier for those of us with more time and energy who will be carrying the heavy load of pulling all of this together into something coherent.  As we count down to the product launch I’ll be sending out a daily contribution suggestions.

Today’s contribution suggestion is to add a link to your blog and the headless image you created at the beginning of the course, with a name we can attach.

Enter your information here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nD8NozwlgvuzI5l1goSmu_zZnQGOKxW50_9qcLorOT0/edit

Why are we doing this?

Those remaining active in the DS106 Headless ’13 open online course  have a couple of intentions for this final project.

* Do a live radio show on Friday 13th at 8.00pm GMT to launch our GIFAChrome Camera and to reflect on our Headless 13 experience.

* Create a collaborative story in the form of a website about our GIFAChrome Camera that incorporates as much of what we have created during this Headless 13 as we can – a final project assignment that we do together rather than individually. We’ve set up a couple of Google Docs to gauge interest and assist in the organization process.

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