Meet Digital Diva Abby


Abby & Her Charlie Brown Halloween Toy

Yesterday’s ds106 daily create tdc644 was all about capturing an image of a dog.  Although the suggestion was to either take a picture or to draw one and take a picture of that, I figured since I have the digital media already hanging out on my computer, why not go a step further and share my little doggie Abby on video and throw in a new GIF for good measure.

She’s such a media diva.  Or is it that I’m the digital media diva and she’s just an unwilling subject of my creative endeavors? But then how would you explain how she’s annoyingly tried to insert herself into a couple of my projects? [The making of the Obruni podcasts on the Scott Lo LoDown summer of 2013 and the Headless ’13 week 4 audio reviews.] Which subsequently required the editing out of her attempts to “audio bomb” my projects.  I’ll think I’ll leave those bits and pieces for an audio out-take reel if I ever decide to make one.

So here she is…..


Help! Mommy, help! Abby is gonna get me!

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