Rockylou Hits The DS106 Airwaves

ds106.ioAnimatedNewOldFriend_290I did it.  I successfully pulled off a live broadcast on ds106 radio this morning.  Christina Hendricks and I were going to rebroadcast our DS106 Headless week 4 audio review, but our open-online course mates had already listened to it through our earlier blog posts.

I decided to not let this free airtime go to waste.  What a perfect opportunity to mess around when no one is listening.  Although it did turn out that Cathleen Nardi caught the tail end of my broadcast before Nicecast severely degraded my sound quality until I paid for the $59 software license.  I signed off amidst static, but plan to come back on the air again with the entire Obruni podcast series in week 7 (Oct 14 – Oct 20). I may also pop in from time to time with some of my acoustic music.  I’ll let you know.

  • +  DS106 Headless Week 4 Audio Review
  • +  DS106 Radio Futz Cast

First Futzcast:

As a bonus to this blog post I’m including my first ds106 radio “futzcast” (as TalkyTina refers to it) aired last week 9/20/13. Dead air, sound level issues, talking to myself as I work through things, keyboard clicks during music… I can hear improvement this time around. 🙂

Here are the songs played in the my futz cast with videos I’d made a few years back for two of them.

 I’ll Fly Away (3:00) hymn written in 1929 by Albert E. Brumley

 Comes A Time (10:25) by Neil Young (Oops, forgot I’d already played this one, and put it in again for the “real” broadcast.) 

  • Bread & Roses (6:30) 1911 poem by James Oppenheimer set to music in 1974 by Mimi Baez Farina


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