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Headless Over Heels In Love [Tumblr Link]

GIFFfight_ManequinsI’m joining the GIF FIght again.  This time we were given a pair of stark white mannequins to work with. I like to give some time to thinking about my projects before I start them. [Link to past example of my non-linear creative thought process. ] I had a couple of ideas in mind that would use existing GIFs that I could riff off of like Alan Levine’s (@Cogdog) blue caterpillar. It didn’t work here, but I’m going to use it someday. I then tested out what it would take to move the arms to have them hold hands.  It could be done, but with more work than I had time for. My daughter is getting married on Saturday and if I wanted to complete this DS106 Headless13 Week 2 AnimatedGIFAssignment1190 I needed to get it done now. graphics-hearts-230756I then had the idea of giving this lovely headless couple pumping hearts.  I tried my luck over at Microsoft Clip Art, but again nothing seemed to work.  A Google image search on animated heart and GIF was fruitful and led me to a whole bunch of free heart GIFs at:  http://www.picgifs.com/graphics/hearts/ Using Adobe Photoshop CS5

    1. graphics-hearts-741799I opened the animated heart GIFs which show up with all of the layers intact.
    2. Combined the two heart GIFs with the mannequin base layer
    3. Selected all of the layers for the hearts
    4. Moved them into place
    5. Enlarged the small heart layers to match the size of larger heart.
    6. Created the animation frames by selecting the appropriate layers.  There is no need for merging of layers when using the full version of Photoshop.
    7. Resized the entire image to 350px by 500px making sure it would be less than 1Mb so Tumblr would accept it.
    8. Previewed at 256 colors, liked it and saved as a GIF.

To complete the process I uploaded my completed GIF to my Tumblr account, wrote up this blog post, and posted to Twitter and our DS106 Google plus community.

 Past GIF FIght Entries:

Other links to animated hearts I decided  not to use.

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