DS106′ Jim Groom doing the Polar Bear Polka in Viv’s Freezer

Some of the best parts of ds106 happens when people spontaneously build off of the whacky things others share. Rapid fire style. Your assignment is to riff on someone else’s ds106 work and make it new in a GIF form. It can be revising an existing GIF, or taking a graphic and turning it into a GIF. [ Animated GIF Assignment 859 ]

Where in the world is Jim Groom? He’s moved from Christina’s refrigerator
to Viv’s freezer. http://flic.kr/p/eSZKx7

Talk about reduce-reuse-recycle.  I get a three-for-1 on a GIF I made for fun some days ago.

  1. Talky Tina’s August 2013 GIF Challenge #13: RIFF-a-GIF 
  2. DS106 RIFF A GIF Animated GIF Assignment 859
  3. Dancing Jim All Over The World: Animated GIF Assignment 1001

Notice how Jim is nestled in the polar bear’s arm? By wisely choosing my original photo there was no need for rebuilding a part of the image.  It was a simple wave of the magic wand tool over the polar bears leg in Photoshop Elements. Then the new layer was placed in front of dancing Jim.


Dancing Jim Groom. Right click to download & open as layers in photo editor.

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