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Rockylou – A 4H Winner

In 1972 a little 4th grader, named Rochelle, and her mutt dog Charlie won the Top Junior Exhibitor dog obedience title at the Humboldt County dog show.  This was an exciting day.  I had been diligently training Charlie all year long in our local 4H dog obedience chapter under the tutelage of my best friend’s mother, Mrs. Nichols.  I trained for hours and hours, trying to get in at least a little everyday.  During the final show performance I felt we had done a great job.  They called out honorable mention…. nope… then 3rd place…. not us… then 2nd place runner up…. my heart dropped.  I thought we had done at least well enough to get a ribbon.  Then they announced the 1st place winner… #23.  It was us!  We had won 1st place!!! Wow, what a day that was.

Top JR Exhibitor
1972 Humboldt Dog Show
Rochelle Rogers


Rochelle and “Pooh Bear” Win 1st Place

The trophy was proudly placed on the mantle in the hallway of my childhood home on Elk River Court, on the outskirts of Eureka, California,  until I moved away at 18.  It has been on display in my own homes ever since.  But the tail was broken off before it came to rest in my sole care. (See larger image on Flickr)

Below are a couple of photos I found of Charlie (who we fondly nicknamed “Pooh Bear”) and I growing up.  He was my dog, my friend.  He slept with me, shared an occasional Reese’s Peanut Butter cup with me, and loved to run along side the car as we got closer to home. (I now know from direct experience that the chocolate and running next to a car were not good ideas.)


The Rogers’ children in their Easter fineries with Charlie at Rochelle’s side.

Sadly, Charlie only lived to be about 4 years old. On our way home from a trip to town we let him jump out of the car window as usual to run.  But this time he didn’t land correctly and rolled under the car. I held his trembling body in my arms as we rushed him to see Mr. Lochtie, the vet. But it was too late.  He was dead.  I was broken hearted and cried and cried.  My dad and I buried him down by the Elk River creek under the tree house you see below.


Treehouse on the banks of the Elk River Creek behind my childhood home.

The trophy photo was taken with the Camera+ app on my iPhone for DS106 Daily Create TDC 751: “Take a photo of something that is sentimental. Explain your choice.” I apologize for the poor quality of the childhood photos. They were scanned many years ago by my sister when the technology wasn’t so great.


Meet Digital Diva Abby


Abby & Her Charlie Brown Halloween Toy

Yesterday’s ds106 daily create tdc644 was all about capturing an image of a dog.  Although the suggestion was to either take a picture or to draw one and take a picture of that, I figured since I have the digital media already hanging out on my computer, why not go a step further and share my little doggie Abby on video and throw in a new GIF for good measure.

She’s such a media diva.  Or is it that I’m the digital media diva and she’s just an unwilling subject of my creative endeavors? But then how would you explain how she’s annoyingly tried to insert herself into a couple of my projects? [The making of the Obruni podcasts on the Scott Lo LoDown summer of 2013 and the Headless ’13 week 4 audio reviews.] Which subsequently required the editing out of her attempts to “audio bomb” my projects.  I’ll think I’ll leave those bits and pieces for an audio out-take reel if I ever decide to make one.

So here she is…..


Help! Mommy, help! Abby is gonna get me!

Bygone Backyard Photo Safari

Rochelle Graduation, May 1990

June 1990: Ready to move into a new home.

I went out this morning to capture images in my backyard during a time of day I knew would avail interesting shadows and lighting for a DS106 Photo Safari.  What I didn’t expect was that through the process of my editing and choosing the photos, a story of my life as the mother of two now grown daughters, and the ex-wife of a gardener would reveal itself.  The images tell of a time well past: A child’s swing set neglected and overgrown with weeds and trees, a prolific garden abandoned and no longer tended to, a bleached antler reminding me of the 9 foot electrified fence my ex-husband erected to provide a barrier to free meals for the herd of deer traveling through our backyard, discarded odds and ends left behind when a family dissolved. While this phase of family life has past, a new chapter has begun as an over-joyed “Nana” of a vivacious two-year old grandson. And who knows what stories my backyard will tell 10 years from now.



All photos were taken with my iPhone using the Camera+ app.  It is a powerful app that can do a lot if you know what you’re doing, which I don’t yet.  I experimented with setting the white balance and selecting a focus zone.  Neither of which proved to be successful.  I think it’s time to read and watch some tutorials.  Next, I uploaded the photos to my desktop with the Photo Transfer app.  I love this little app.  I can very easily upload and download photos and videos over WiFi or bluetooth to any of my Apple devices or even my PC.

Fallen Fence

Fallen Fence – Photo too cluttered.

I had taken almost 90 photos, and challenged myself to get it down to 5. With a quick look at the images I could see most of them weren’t all that great.  The lighting was bad.  The images were cluttered and/or blurry. Some just weren’t interesting at all. I then opened them up in Photoshop Elements 12 for a closer look and to do a little photo editing if needed.


Mossy Log Shadows- interesting to look at, but no story


As I worked I noticed a set of photos emerging with single objects dominating the image.  I also had some very interesting natural environment shots with neat shadows and lighting, but they didn’t tell a story.  They were just nice to look at like this one of a mossy log that had been used to frame the sand box under the swing set.  I’m pleased with the results of reducing my photo safari down to the best seven photos with the single object focus, and leaving out the nature only shots.

Writing the intro paragraph was an additional unexpected challenge.  In my head it sounded simple to put my thoughts down on paper, but that wasn’t the case. I struggled for quite awhile as to what and how I would share the memories and stories embedded in the photos.

Finally, I used the WordPress Slideshow plugin to add them to my blog post.  Then by editing the HTML code in the text view the borders and shadow effect of the final two images were created.  Learn how here.

DS106: Hot Off The Tabloid Press

After writing my own and reading the other fun submissions for the 7/15/13 DS106 Daily Create:  “Write a tabloid headline for ds106 and the opening sensational paragraph” I was inspired to take the assignment a step further and layout the sensational front page of The DS106 Daily Create Tabloid. Which then led to submitting today’s daily create tdc575.


First Things First:
Not wanting to fall into the same attribution trap that I found myself in with my last project (TalkyTina – Sweet As Tupelo Honey) I immediately documented my tracks as I gathered my media and placed the important information and links into a draft blog post.  Boy did that save time and reduce the tedium of going back and trying to figure out exactly where I found things – much better plan of action this time around.

Creating the Front Page:
I started with a Google search to locate a tabloid template that I liked.  I found this one at CLEO – Cumbria & Lancashire Education.  Then came the quandary over which of the 7/15/13 DS106 Daily Create submissions should I use? The template allowed space for 2 stories and 3 images. And of course I wanted to use my own submission “Headless DS106 Mysteriously Runs Itself“. Story 1, Image 1. And the talk of the day had been all about @IamTalkyTina ending her ds106 role and being placed back into her cardboard box.  [Read the headline story here.] So that would be Story 2, Image 2. That left the 3rd image to be filled from the remaining tabloid entries.  I had a few I could choose from, but the image of ruby red lips with a snappy headline would be entertaining, eye catching, match the color scheme – and most importantly, the easiest to produce.

Story 1: “Headless DS106 Mysteriously Runs Itself

Amidst a culture of cost-cutting and outsourcing of education to corporate massive open online courses (MOOCs) a small yet determined group of passionate educators have “organized” a digital storytelling course that can run itself. There is no official leader, although there is a syllabus that can be followed. No one is in charge, but there are plenty of opportunities for any of the global on-line participants to step-up and volunteer to facilitate the focus material of the week during the 15-week course. There are no deadlines or grades, instead suggested assignments and opportunities provided to collaboratively work and learn from others, share their work, and receive feedback to help improve their digital story telling skills.

Some suspect the Illuminati to be supporting this small underground group – encouraging the DS106 group’s subversive tactics with the intent to overthrow the big MOOCs. A secret source was heard to say…“The education system is and has always been ours. The MOOCs have gotten out of control and we need to clip their wings. It’s time to unleash the headless DS106!”

My creative inclusion of a suspected involvement of the Illuminati was to help fulfill the sensationalism and tabloid aspect of the assignment and was serendipitously supported by a statement from @PuppetMaster106 in his guest post on @IamTalkyTina’s blog.

This talk of a ‘headless ds106′ this fall is all well and good, but you know that someone, somewhere, needs to be always at work behind the scenes, keeping things ticking, poking and prodding, feeding the unicorns, and all. And since I’m experienced with webs and scenes, and strings and such, there’s certainly a role for me in the coming months — whether it’s visible to the ds106 community, or not so visible, and rather behind the scenes.

My Fair Tina

@PuppetMaster106 pulling the strings

Wikipedia Reference for Illuminati:

“…refers to various organizations…alleged to conspire to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations to establish a New World Order and gain further political power and influence. Central to some of the most widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories,

the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, movies, television shows, comics, video games, and music videos.”

Image 1: As is usually the case in ds106, I wasn’t the only one riffing on the work of others, and I was more than pleased to use a great image created by Todd Conaway to perfectly complement my story as well as tie-in to the Talky Tina saga. Todd just couldn’t get the thought of Alan Levine’s proposed “headless” DS106 course for the Fall of 2013 out of his head either.




@IamTalkyTina is “Back in The Box” Three Layers Deep

Story 2 & Image 2: The talk of the day had been all about @IamTalkyTina ending her ds106 role and being placed back into her cardboard box.  [Read the headline story here.] The guest blog post created by @PuppetMaster106 [Read full story here.] included a wonderful GIF of @IamTalkyTina in her cardboard box being encased in ice and finally Carbonite.

It appears now that Talky Tina has acquired a new PsychicSiri App for her iPhone and is once again interacting with DS106 with animated GIF challenges in preparation for the August 26th, 2013 start of the “Headless” DS106 course.  Although the original post was drafted back in July, my “psychic” inclusion of the GIF fits right in. This all begs for another news breaking tabloid front-page.


Image 3 Attributions:



First Week’s Daily Creates

500th Daily Create- Party Time

500th Daily Create- Party Time

I may’ve started late, but once I started, there was no stopping.  I was able to get my DS106 blog up and working, finish the entire week’s Daily Create exercises, uploaded my first photos to Flickr (and even created a photo set for DS106), and learned how to post to Twitter (@Rockylou22).  SoundCloud was new for me too. But my YouTube account has been up for about 5 years.

Daily Create Assignments:

Introducing Myself, Alien Rochelle, 500th Daily Create Celebration, Life, Love & Laughter with my grandson, iPad + Toes = FunFunFun