A Worm’s Daisy Delight


Daisies & Butterflies delight. Turning that frown upside down.


True Friends Can Help Chase the Blues Away [Link]

When you’re feeling sad and like you’re sliding into a black hole, as Christina Hendricks’s worm did a few weeks ago,  [Link to her post ] you could use a True Friend by your side to turn that frown upside down. Or you could turn that cold hard concrete of despair into something nice by adding some animated flowers as suggested by Talky Tina’s DS106 GIF Challenge #8  “Add Some Flower Power” and Assignment 1189. The flowers bravely pushing up through the cracks in the concrete were lassoed with Photoshop Elements from photos I had taken in Duluth, MN a few years back.

I’m trying hard to keep up with Talky Tina’s daily GIF challenges, but I started losing ground fast when my internet service was down for three days, the DS106 site was under attack and intermittently unavailable, then to top it all off @cogdog modified my simple daily create suggestion to record yourself singing a favorite childhood song, into “Stage a movie trailer for a favorite childhood song or nursery rhyme. You perform the audio.” and then post it to YouTube. I was stumped. So in the spirit of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle my submission for the daily create, “The Worms Crawl In”, starred these little guys too.  I think someone over there could use some Flower Power too.

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