Building a WordPress Site

Building a WordPress Site

WPlogo_500x500Creating and building a WordPress site is pretty simple these days.  You no longer need a computer science degree, your own dedicated server, or a ton of money to get a website up and going quickly.  With this ease of creation many more people are diving in and learning how it all works.  The University of British Columbia will be hosting an open online course “Teaching With WordPress” in June…

to talk about and experiment with, among other things:

  • open education, open pedagogy and design
  • WordPress as a highly customizable framework for teaching and learning
  • examples of instructors and learners using WordPress sites in many different ways for multiple purposes
  • plug ins, applications and approaches for creating, discussing, sharing and interacting with each other

While I’m not an official educator by profession, Rockylou Productions will be joining in to learn from and help others to build a functional and effective website using the WordPress foundation.  Perfect timing as we are in the midst of remodeling the site.  I’ll be using a “buildingWP” category to categorize all of the relevant posts in one place.

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