Remodeling Underway

Remodeling Underway

Rockylou Productions has been in need of a remodel for quite some time.  While I’d done a great job learning how to program using RapidWeaver to create my first site,  the ease of use and functionality of a WordPress site is much more appealing.  I can update or post to a WordPress site from anywhere, anytime.  I don’t need to be at my desktop computer with a special program to make changes.

Since the summer of 2013, when I built my first WordPress site for DS106, I’ve been a fan.  I’ve built a couple others before coming back to mine: and the Burgeron Family site.  Taking the time and making the Rockylou Productions main site a priority finally came together this month with a long “staycation” in December. It seems the cobblers family are the ones without shoes applies here, and I’m making them shoes now.

It’s already been fun, and challenging, to clean things up and figure out how best to present Rockylou Productions as we move forward.  If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to drop us a line.  We love hearing and responding to comments.


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