The Rockylou Productions website is in need of remodeling.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

But I promise you’ll be pleased with the new look & feel.


Here are a few projects we’ve created over the last 5 years to keep you entertained while we finish fixing the place up.

Announcing the birth of Daniel James “DJ” Perron
Live video of weigh-in at only 15 min old. “Summertime”, sung by Amber & Nana welcoming Daniel into the world his first few minutes of life.

Make? Unmake? A time-lapse trip worth taking as a microwave chocolate cherry cake is unmade before your very eyes.

Music video empowering Labor Day 2011 by standing up against unequal pay along with a tribute to the working women of World War II.

Photographer Vincent King takes us on a photo journey of the Light Rail construction on University Ave. in St. Paul, MN the summer of 2012.  Soundtrack: “Sankirtan (Vrndavan)” by Kuuleminen Asiat.

Collection of audio podcasts, entitled “Obruni”, created from stories and letters written during and following Amber’s stay as an AFS exchange student in Takoradi, Ghana, Africa from August 2000 thru June 2001.

Roxy Louridge was ahead of her time. As a pioneer in the field of photography she was the original creator of the idea behind the GIFaChrome (which later evolved into the Drone-a-Chrome). You can learn more about her work at the GIFaChrome website. And listen to a Smithsonian Institute recording of Roxy documenting her discovery after a fire destroyed her lab notes.

Paying tribute to the struggles and triumphs of the working woman.  Music performed by RnA with photos courtesy of the National Library of Congress and other Community Commons sources.

Featured Projects

A fluid, luminous setting of one of Kabir’s most intimate prayers, by choral composer Elizabeth Alexander, honoring the unity of all things sacred and secular. With photography by Lorelee Wederstrom and the lyrical voices of the Unity Singers led by conductor Ruth Palmer.


“Obruni In Ghana”  Multi-media e-book created from a series of podcasts documenting Amber Lockridge’s time as an AFS exchange student in Takoradi, Ghana from 2000-2001.

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